Tuesday, May 24, 2011

So, today in my floral design class we talked about wedding flowers. She gave us a whole sheet that broke down who is supposed to pay for what...it was really complicated. I loved lab though. We got to make mini bridal bouquets! Here's mine :) I'm rather pleased with how it turned out (aside from the fact it looks kind of wilty because I had to leave it in my trunk for 5 hours...)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Everyone has something they can completely and totally relate to in life. Some really feel nature, others sports, and still others cars or other mechanical things. For me, that thing is dance. I feel like everything I think, say, or do could somehow be translated into dance. My soul eats, breaths, and sleeps in dance. Someday I will probably look back on life and wish I had tried to be a dance major, but for now, I will just have to dance every moment I can.
(To hear the sound of this video, go to the bottom of the page and turn off the other music [: )

Thought of You from Ryan J Woodward on Vimeo.

Dance isn't just a parade of choreographed steps set to a rhythm with a tempo. It's a way to show that part of your soul that no one really gets to see. You can learn more about a person by the way they move than by the things they say or do. Not just in dance, but in everyday movements. Do they walk with their shoulders slumped or their head down? Does their posture, with their shoulders back and chin up, give you a more solid idea of their confidence than their words? YES! Who you are is how you move. I am not a great dancer by any means, but it is how I show the world who I am. Nothing is more beautiful than a vulnerable soul being spilled out on the dance floor, only to be mopped up by the viewers' minds, thoroughly and with an added measure of personal appreciation.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


So, I am taking floral design, and am slowly picking up on some skills I think will be useful! I made a few corsages in class, but they sat in the back of the fridge for a couple days before I could take the pics. Therefore, they froze and wilted a bit, but you get the basic idea :)