Friday, March 2, 2012

Tyler and I volunteered at BYU's Hunger Banquet. Attendees all bought tickets for the same price, but there was no guarantee that they would get their money's worth. The majority of the people represented the lower class and got beans and rice, one bowl for every two people. The next portion represented the middle class and received hotdogs, chips, and pop. The final and smallest group by far represented the upper class, and they got a 3-course meal and waiters. All servers were volunteers, and those serving the lower and middle class could dress in "ethnic" clothes, while the upper-class waiters wore the traditional black/white.

There was a keynote speaker and 3 NGOs trying to get funding. Proceeds from the banquet went to fund a grant to at least one of the 3 groups. It was a great opportunity to hear about humanitarian projects and to be a part of that experience!

PS-Apparently taking pictures is a difficult concept. We only got one picture that wasn't blurry, out of 3 different people, and it didn't even show our whole selves! So this one will have to do...

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